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You don’t have to face a complex or life-changing diagnosis alone. Consulting with an expert physician can help you get the clarity and answers you need as you move through your healthcare journey.

How we can help

  • Evaluate new diagnoses
  • Review alternative treatment plans
  • Compare medications and available therapies
  • Local specialist referrals
  • Explore alternatives to surgery
  • Navigate genetic testing and labs
  • Quality-check radiology and images
  • Network navigation

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Our Physicians

  • Practice at the Top 20 Hospitals,
    per U.S. News & World Report.
  • Leaders at Centers of Excellence
    and Harvard-affiliated hospitals.

Results With Impact

of our cases result in a revised treatment plan.

of our cases result in a change or corrected diagnosis.

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Members Love Us

The oncologist was outstanding! He was very helpful in explaining where I was at and what I might do going forward. An expert second opinion was the best thing to happen to since my diagnosis. I feel more positive. Three cheers!

Robert S., Denver, Colorado

Thank you very much for arranging my consultation with the doctor. I very much appreciate the outside review of my case history and current treatment approach, and feel very reassured that I am on track.

Li Z., Shanghai, China

The doctor was wonderful. She took the time to make me feel comfortable and confident in her. She’s made a huge difference in my outlook for handling the treatment of my cancer.

Gillian S., Cumberland, Maine

Thank you for your kindness and help in facilitating this consultation…I’m lighter today since I’ve spoken to the physician.

Margaret T., La Jolla, California

It was really good to receive the doctor’s opinion on my case. They were considerate and thoughtful, and we appreciate their time. Thank you for facilitating that connection, and being so supportive and on the ball. It is reassuring to have the support of compassionate people when in such urgent circumstances.”

Marie S., British Columbia, Canada

The doctor I spoke with was much better at explaining my diagnosis and talking to me about what to expect for the future than my current doctors. It definitely showed me what a difference an expert makes, and the experience encourages me to seek other help.

Ernesto D., Santiago, Chile

Thank you– so grateful for everything that has been offered. I would have been lost without the guidance.

Angela B., Eugene, Oregon

This is an invaluable service and I am very grateful… I highly recommend this experience for everyone. The doctor I was paired with was absolutely wonderful.

Michael L., 45, Houston, Texas

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