United Family Healthcare and InfiniteMD Announce Strategic Partnership

United Family Healthcare and InfiniteMD have announced a strategic partnership to establish continuity of care for international patients and continuing medical education for physicians in China.

Starting in April 2018, the “International Consultation and Virtual Second Opinion Services Program” will offer UFH patients access to expert physicians from Harvard-affiliated and Top 20 medical institutions across the United States using InfiniteMD’s HIPAA-compliant, video-enabled platform.

This program is the first to provide access to Chinese patients seeking remote virtual opinions, internationally. The UFH and InfiniteMD partnership will support collaborative patient education by offering clinical guidance from leading U.S. specialists in the presence of their existing UFH treating providers. A central benefit of this program is reducing unnecessary international patient travel to the U.S. — especially in cases where it is not needed, cost-prohibitive, or not feasible for health reasons.

“We are excited to launch a program where Chinese patients can now directly have an expert physician from a top US clinical institution weigh in on treatment, diagnostics, and examination, knowing that an expert UFH physician is present to participate,” said Babak Movassaghi, PhD, MBA and Co-Founder of InfiniteMD. “Both UFH and InfiniteMD see this program as a means to significantly improve patient outcomes while providing valuable guidance and peace of mind for patients facing complex medical and treatment decisions.”

This strategic partnership will also facilitate Continuing Medical Education (CME) lectures at UFH. Movassaghi also notes, “UFH is very committed to providing the highest care to their patients, and we can readily offer CME through the InfiniteMD platform to provide UFH with ongoing education via remote lectures by top experts. Through this strategic partnership, the InfiniteMD platform can not only enable access for patients, but also education for physicians.” As of early 2018, UFH and InfiniteMD have already completed a CME lecture series.

Other notable features offered to patients in the International Consultation and Virtual Second Opinion Services Program include fast turnaround times of 5 days, clinically-trained interpreters to facilitate expert consultations, and multidisciplinary physician access for complex patient cases where a team of U.S-based specialists can collaborate live over video on a case.

About United Family Healthcare

United Family Healthcare is the premier private hospital network in China. UFH was founded by Roberta Lipson, a highly regarded healthcare expert in the Chinese medical sector.  Their Beijing location was the first foreign-backed hospital to open in China. The UFH System has over 19 comprehensive hospitals and satellite clinics throughout China and Mongolia. In 2014, UFH was acquired by Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group.