InfiniteMD Partners with The GCS Project to Provide Expert Access to Women Diagnosed with Gynecological Carcinosarcoma

The GCS Project is the latest patient advocacy organization to partner with InfiniteMD to offer access to top clinical expertise for women affected by  gynecological carcinosarcoma (GCS),  a rare cancer also known as malignant mixed Müllerian tumor (MMMT). Patients will be able to connect with Dr. Michael Birrer, a leading expert in this field. Dr. Birrer serves as a Research Partner with The GSC Project. Dr. Birrer is also the Director of the University of Alabama Birmingham Comprehensive Cancer Center.

“The GCS Project is very pleased and proud to partner with InfiniteMD to help women diagnosed with GCS (MMMT) and their families who are seeking world-class medical advice. Through InfiniteMD, our website now offers access to Dr. Michael Birrer, a leading expert in this rare cancer. The GCS Project’s founder, my late wife Diane Redington, encouraged women diagnosed with GCS (MMMT) to seek second opinions and the best treatment options. Her mission continues to be fulfilled with our InfiniteMD partnership,” Roy Buchta, Treasurer of the GCS Project.

The Expert Access program for second opinions with Dr. Birrer will be available starting March 2019. Using InfiniteMD’s HIPAA-compliant platform, patients from around the world will be able to request a full review of their medical records, consult on a treatment plan, ask questions live over video, and receive a written report on their case.

We look forward to supporting The GCS Project’s mission to connect patients to post-diagnosis resources when they need them most.