InfiniteMD Launches Virtual Center of Excellence Programs to Enhance Longitudinal Access to the Leading Expert Multidisciplinary Teams of Specialists in U.S.

New solution combines ongoing engagement with top specialty medicine teams and personalized, holistic support across the most complex healthcare journeys

BOSTON – (PRNEWSWIRE) May 27, 2020 InfiniteMD, a leader in virtual expert opinions, today announces the launch of its new Virtual Center of Excellence (VCOE) programs, which pair individuals with an expert multidisciplinary team of up to five physicians for remote expert opinions. These progressive and first-of-their-kind programs mirror all the expertise and education found at physical centers of excellence and deliver it virtually to patients as they navigate otherwise complex and nuanced healthcare journeys.

InfiniteMD’s first two VCOE programs are focused on Oncology and Musculoskeletal Conditions, addressing the widening and costly gap between standard care and optimal care. Studies have previously demonstrated that the ongoing collaboration of an expert multidisciplinary team produces the greatest improvements in quality of life and outcomes for patients. However, facilitating this type of collaboration virtually in the digital health space has had two key challenges: forming deep enough relationships with elite physician teams to promise longitudinal access and perfecting the technology used to facilitate team-based reviews.

InfiniteMD has developed these VCOE programs and platform enhancements with the guidance of highly engaged experts at centers of excellence across the country. They represent physician champions of the platform and have evangelized their colleagues around innovation in delivering multidisciplinary remote expert opinions.

“At the heart of each VCOE is a true collegial, synchronous case review by a dedicated team of experts that collaborate and interact prior to each consultation via our platform. This enables the most advanced and comprehensive multidisciplinary program in the industry,” said Babak Movassaghi, PhD and CEO of InfiniteMD. “Our physician champions are stewards of these teams and drivers of enhancements to our platform, helping us to democratize access to medical advice on a longitudinal basis for patients everywhere.”

Additionally, the VCOE program is designed to reinforce care continuity and the treating provider relationship by extending the offer to collaborate with the VCOE physician teams on recommendations.

With clear benefits for individuals living far away from centers of excellence, and recent surges in virtual health delivery due to COVID-19, InfiniteMD believes these programs will also help payers reduce wasteful spending on inappropriate and non-optimal treatment plans by opening greater access to specialty care teams as employees prepare to return to work in the coming months.

About InfiniteMD

InfiniteMD is virtual expert opinion leader that provides consumers from around the world direct access to the best physicians in the United States via remote video and written consultations using its proprietary platform. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, InfiniteMD works with physicians from institutions like Harvard Medical School-affiliated hospitals and other clinical centers of excellence that rank within the Top 20 Hospitals, per U.S. News and World Report. A cornerstone of InfiniteMD’s service is support for global consumers, which includes the international collection and translation of medical records, as well as providing medically trained interpreters during video consultations.