Dr. Liz Kwo, MPH and CEO of InfiniteMD, Participates on “Stanford in Healthcare” Panel

Dr. Liz Kwo was invited to join executives from Google Ventures, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and other industry leaders to discuss the promise that innovation presents for the future of healthcare.

Held at Massachusetts General Hospital and sponsored by Stanford University, the panel opened with what inspired them to pursue non-traditional medical careers. Kwo shared her passion for utilizing emergent technology to overcome geographical barriers in accessing specialty second opinions, an all too present challenge for patients that receive a life-changing diagnosis.

“InfiniteMD was founded on the premise that healthcare expertise should not be limited by geography. We would like top physicians to see patients from around the world. With the strength of telemedicine, our company matches patients with the best doctors to answer important health questions about their disease. “

She also emphasized the importance of creating a strong consumer experience within the cross-cultural element of this telemedicine model. “Our integrated online platform seamlessly manages medical record collection, translations of records, the pairing of doctors, and supports interpretations during video consultations. Our team is a devoted group of innovators and creatives that focuses on how anticipate our international patients’ needs every step of the way.”

Other panelists include Krishna Yeshwant, Partner at Google Ventures; Joe Kimura, CMO at Atrius Health; David Bates, Chief of Internal Medicine/Primary Care at Brigham and Women’s Hospital; and Lisa Rosenbaum, National Correspondent at New England Journalism of Medicine. Learn more about the panelists here.

Liz Kwo holds an MD, MPH, and MBA from Harvard University. She received her B.A. in Human Biology from Stanford.