InfiniteMD featured in BostonInno, $1.5M Series A

InfiniteMD was featured Monday by BostonInno, an online news site that covers innovation in Boston.  The article announced our $1.5 M raise and featured our newest initiative, an AI solution to provide international physicians with a better tool to make clinical decisions. In the article, Dr. Liz Kwo (CEO and Co-Founder) also outlined the tremendous value our current second opinion service brings for international patients.

“A second opinion in the U.S. is often seen as a cost-savings measure. In China, it’s not seen as cost-savings but a value measure. You’re paying more out of pocket for seeing a specialist who can really weigh in and give you the best treatment for your disease.”

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InfiniteMD Partners with the CLL Society

InfiniteMD is proud to announce a partnership with the CLL Society to provide patients with CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia) with a video second opinion at no cost. This program allows patients who have not been seen by a CLL specialist access to some of the world’s leaders in the disease. InfiniteMD is honored to be part of this landmark pilot program. We hope to continue to increase patient access quality care around the world. Please read more about this program on The CLL Society’s webpage.