Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower domestic and international patients with information on their medical conditions from the best specialists in the world. Using both our proprietary platform and digital health programs, we believe that neither geographical borders nor differences in language should deny patients access to the top medical experts in the United States.

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Our Story

InfiniteMD was created by a passionate team with extensive operating experience in healthcare. Our founders and physician advisors are a comprehensive group of MDs, PhDs, and MBAs who received their training and education from Harvard Medical School, Harvard Business School, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Throughout their personal and professional lives, they were often approached for help navigating the healthcare system. Additionally, with two of our founders coming from Europe and Asia, this often meant connecting friends and family with the right physicians to help them decide whether travel to the U.S. for treatment would be beneficial for them.

Together, they decided to formally forge partnerships internationally and domestically to serve the greater need for expert advice...and InfiniteMD was born.

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